aporta ES IEBT!

As you already know, APORTA was born with the mission of promoting a competitive and efficient port ecosystem, supporting us in blue growth and digital transportation, with the capacity to generate innovative solutions based on the knowledge of the sector and the technological capabilities of the collaborating companies.

This innovative aspect has been recognized since our inception, APORTA has been classified as a technology-based employment initiative (IEBT) by the General Directorate of Entrepreneurship, Autonomous Labor and Social Economy of the Xunta de Galicia.

Companies classified as IEBT develop a business idea with innovative or technological content, mainly in the field of research staff and university graduates, in the different areas of knowledge. In addition to the specific financial support programs, these entrepreneurial initiatives have the special support of Galician public universities, which have staff specialized in launching innovative activity, with a specific network to ensure the best prospects for success and consolidation .

At APORTA we are especially happy for this qualification, the commitment to collaboration to achieve innovative results in the logistics-port chain is underway and is already recognized as such.

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